Partner Integration

Partner Integration Overview

The Sectigo Order and Web Security Platform APIs allow for a wide array of integration options.

Lite: The partner places orders through the Sectigo Order API and allows the end-customer to configure the products. Very simple technical integration, especially for existing Sectigo resellers.

Full: The partner places orders through the Sectigo Order API and uses the Platform APIs to automate functionality for end-customers and deeply integrate the Sectigo Web functionality into their own platform.

Multi-Reseller: If you are reselling Sectigo products to resellers of your own, you can implement either the Lite or Full approach.

Lite Integration

This approach consists of placing a Sectigo Web Order for the desired product on behalf of the end-customer. Once the order has been placed, the Sectigo Web Platform account will be created for the end-customer and they will be notified via email with instructions for accessing and configuring their new account.

Full Integration

This path builds on the Lite Integration but provides the opportunity for the partner to embed Sectigo Web functionality into their own platform or customer dashboard. The primary use cases we see for this approach are to achieve a full embedded experience for the end-customer and to enable advanced automation. Using the Sectigo Web APIs to add the functionality to your dashboard or control panel, allows you to present the Platform features and functionality as your own. The APIs also allow for additional automation which enables the partner to configure services like Backups, CDN, WAF, and Patching on behalf of the customer. This automation allows for a truly one-click solution for the end-customer.


Depending on how you technically enable your resellers internally, it may be advantageous to create multiple Sectigo Web Partner accounts. This allows you to manage all of your resellers as individual Sectigo Web Partners, isolating an individual reseller's customers and the management of those accounts from the others.

  1. Using your master Partner account, create a sub-Partner for each of your resellers.
  2. Add a webhook_url to listen for Webhook Events.
  3. Order products for end-customers, as usual, using the Sectigo Web Order API endpoint.
  4. Upon receiving the Create User Webhook, move the new User from your master Partner account to the desired sub-Partner account by changing the partner_id with the Edit User API.